Thursday, November 15, 2007

Terra Madre - photos a year later.

Many of us from Ohio came in on the same flight. See if you can find me in this photo? (Hint, just an arm is visible.) This photo also includes two local chefs and two other local farmers.

First things first. We got there and signed in. Notice the number of places for American Delegates and then the number of countries listed on the first sign on the left. There was a huge line of these desks.

Next day were the opening ceremonies. This is the founder of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini, welcoming all the delegates from around the world.

Many in traditional dress. It was very cool!
Back to the hotel at the end of every night on the bus. Here is the time I was asked to hold our buses sign, I put it here because it is the ONLY photo I could find of Eric and I together for the entire trip!
Here are Beth and Tim from Crown Point Ecology Center standing in line (for lunch I think.) There was quite a bit of standing in lines! Oh, and their son Gus is hiding in this photo...
The sessions were presented in a number of different languages and translated. So everyone wore headphones to hear the speakers. It was quite an experience, a UN of the food world.
Here is the session for all the US delegates. There were people from almost every state. It was kind of a nice treat, as it was the one session that was only in English, but we still had to wear headphones, as all the sessions were in one large space (the speed skating arena from the winter Olympics) and if they had used microphones it would have been unbearably loud.
One of the really fun things was exploring the food world of Italy. Look at all this pasta!
Micheal Symon (Lola and Lolita) and Doug Katz (Fire) enjoying an feast! This picture was taken by Dominic Cerino (Carrie Cerino), they wondered Turnio together...
Dominic was a picture taking maniac! Without him I would never had been able to put together the Slow Food NE Ohio Terra Madre Power point I did for an event at Fire this Spring. Look at the Iron Chef's laughing!
There was lots of amazing produce at the Salone del Gusto (Salon of Taste - a HUGE food and wine Slow Food show going on at the same time as Terra Madre). But...
LOOK at those Leeks!
I want to grow leeks like that!

If you want more photos, I have even more!

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