Sunday, November 11, 2007

Honey caramels!

What is one to do with 13 gallons of honey?

Well some of it can be bottled and sold that way, but there is only so much honey people want at one time. So what to with the rest?

Why make caramels of course! It took a while to get the recipe right, but I think we have it! Basic pure ingredients, 75% honey only 25% sugar, and most importantly no corn syrup. Corn syrup (of which most contains at least some HFCS) is used in LOTS of candy recipes as it acts to help candies behave when being cooked. When not using it you need to add in lots of care and extra time. A batch of my honey caramel cooks for over two hours slowly rising in temperature, to creamy perfection!

Today and yesterday were the start of honey caramel production, it is a leap of faith for we have no idea how much we may sell at the one market left for us this year. ((Shameless plug, alert!!!)) We will defiantly be selling these at the Peninsula Holiday Market, where you can meet on November 17th! Hope to see you there!

OH! And Congratulations Micheal Symon! You make Cleveland proud!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sneak preview Heather. Yummy! Can't wait until Saturday to buy more!