Monday, November 19, 2007

What to blog?

This is my constant question. What do you guys all really care about and what is the line between personal and farm and what I want to share and what I don't.

Initially I was going to do this 100% independent of our farm. But my husband thought that it was such a great communication tool for members, friends, and others interested in our farm that I should open it up. So why I try not to say our farm's name to often at all, I did send a link to it to our mailing list and are giving it out to people often. Which seems to be working because we are getting over 20 unique page views a day now, up from 7 only a few weeks ago!

But what does everyone want to hear about? Is me going with my sister to get her kitten from the shelter interesting to people? And are my ramblings on the similarities of animals in a shelter to our luck in where we were born and social justice relevant? Does anyone want to hear about my visits to my mom's oncologists?

Or what about last night episode of Family Guy? Do I even want to admit that when I was waiting to see Micheal Symon's first battle in Iron Chef America (Great Win!!) I watched Family Guy? (Hank Hill, Texas "normal guy" in a red neck city.) Hank Hill, joins a food co-op in an effort to get good tasting steaks, which he can no longer get at the Meg-Lo-Mart. He brings home a bag of not only steak but produce including heirloom tomatoes. There is an funny exchange where his niece says "These are tomatoes, I thought they were heaven balls?" Then Hank responds with something like "Don't be silly, tomatoes don't have any taste!" Then he eats them and is blown away. Elsewhere in the episode her says "I usually reserve that compliment for my wife, but this food is downright handsome."

In the end Meg-Lo-Mart buys out the food co-op and Hank steals a couple cows and some chickens. And by the end he is back to eating tasteless food, and hating it. But that a show like this did such a great piece on good food even including a line (after Meg-Lo-Mart) buys the store "Well, it is still organic - technically." It shows that local food is becoming more and more main stream.

Heck, the word "Localvore" was listed as the word of the year! In any case, this is the type of posting that I'm not sure is really of any interest to anyone at all!

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Michael Walsh said...

I saw King of the Hill last night as well and was very interested in the topics they brought up. The fact that they examined everyones perspective was good as well, like how generous the buy out was for the co-op allowing the hippie to buy a new cell phone that reminds him to go to the dentist.

It is good to see these topice come up more and more. I just hope something clicked for the people watching making them want to learn more.