Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey Day!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, aka Turkey Day, and it got me thinking about the wild turkeys that wonder around the park. Since we moved here I have seen more wild turkeys then I have ever seen in my life, and WOW can they be a shock if you don't expect to see one. They are big beautiful birds, and a whole rafter of turkeys (the correct name for a group, I looked it up!) is a sight to behold.

When I was little I never remember seeing a wild turkey at all, but like hawks now they seem almost common. Did you know that there were no wild turkeys at all in Ohio in the mid 50s, at which time they were successfully reintroduced to the state. Now there are wild ones in every county in the state.

So tomorrow as you enjoy your turkey (or vegetarian feast) think a little about the wild birds (estimated at 180,000 state wide) which wander our state. If we can do something as big as reintroduce a species to the state, there is hope for what we can do.

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