Sunday, November 4, 2007

New ground and frosts...

Yesterday, we started turning the new ground we will grow on for our 2008 season. We got a little more then an acre plowed yesterday. We have about another acre to do. Some of that will just be cover cropped next year, and some of it will be where our first batch of fruit trees will go. One area (on a shady backside of a hill) is getting turned for rhubarb. ABOUT 1/4 acre will be dedicated to winter squash and about the same to dried beans (an experiment). But all and all, we plan on about 1-1/2 acres of garden space next year!

We have been seeing very heavy frosts the past few days, which is, of course, totally expected in November! But I am amazed at how resilient our plants are! They do not claim to be "frost tolerant" for nothing! I think the pictures of the Red Russian Kale are very dramatic. The first was taken at 8:00am, and if you did not know better you would swear that they were done for! The second at 6:00 the same evening, they perked right up and were ready to go. This particular Kale variety is tolerant of temperatures down to 20 degrees BELOW freezing, so we are going to try to overwinter it, and have it as a spring item for our 2008 CSA.

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