Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Art of Simple Food

Today I bought Alice Walters' (Chez Panisse) new cookbook "The Art of Simple Food."

I am in love, and finally think I may be brave enough to chance risotto, which has always intimidated me and my one and only try turned into a sticky, yucky, tasteless mess! In the next couple of days we'll try and I'll ;et you know if it turns out.

But in general the book is amazing in its simplicity and still amazing recipies, I suppose what Alice Waters and her food is known for.

The focus on local seasonal food is amazing! I can hardly wait to try the recipies, it seems to be one of those few cookbooks where there seem to be few "filler" recipies, the ones you look at and know you will never make...

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Tina said...

I would love to hear your experiences with the recipes Heather. I am always interested in new cookbooks :)