Monday, December 31, 2007

First Draft seed list...

We got our first draft of our seed list done last night. Finally.

85 different varieties. OH! But we forgot Basil, or any herbs, and we need more of this less of that. I still think that 8 varieties of radishes may be excessive! But those pretty multicolored bunches (which sell great at market) require 4 types. Then we have an extra early for the spring, a black winter radish (anyone like those?), a diakon, and a wonderful heirloom French one, which you cannot take from me!

So far our seeds are being sourced pretty reasonably with Johnnies Selected Seeds, E&R Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange being our main sources. There are other sources for the harder to find stuff, but I will not reveal them! :) Well maybe if someone asked I would.

The next thing to do will be to figure out our heirlooms, and make sure we have enough in all the categories. As we grow very naturally it is a safety net for us to grow some hybrids (many of which are still older varieties) but they can have more disease resistance then others, and like the heirloom radish, you will have to pry my powdery mildew resistant Acorn Squash from me to get them!

All our seeds come from "safe seed" sources which promise not to knowingly sell any genetically modified seeds.

We may actually stay under 100 varieties this year?

((probably not :) ))

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