Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Farm Girls List to Santa....

Hello Santa!

I've been very good this year. I weeded the turnips and thinned the radishes. I watered my plants late into the night. I practiced my succession planting and sat with a smile during pickups (even when I was feeling yucky!)

So I think I deserve a very good Christmas. Under the tree I'd like to see:

  • A waterwheel transplanter (so I can plant transplants sitting on my bottom and and not bending over for days.)
  • A couple hundred pounds of cover crop seeds (so I can feed my soil good and healthy things, all 30 acres of it!)
  • Fifty or so Dominique Hens (I miss those fresh eggs!)
  • A heated hoophouse (to give those new plants an early start)
  • A new barn coat (to keep me feeling cozy and warm)
  • And most of all Santa, an extra 3 or 4 hours a day in the summer (because WOW! do I need those.)
I hope you agree that I have been a good farmer girl this year!


Your friend

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

Hey... I discovered your blog via Colleen's list of younger garden bloggers at In the Garden Online. What a fun blog... and I hope that you get at least half of what you wish for. :)

I am in NE Ohio as well--I live in Lakewood and work near Brecksville. Your comments about the valley and the park make me think you may be fairly close by to where I work, at least? If so, I would love to find out about buying into your CSA--and/or whether you sell extra produce, because I often head down to the national park to hike in the summer and would love to stop by.

If I'm being too forward, you can ignore this... but if not, you can email me at blackswampgirl at yahoo dot com. Either way, best of luck--I love that you're doing the small local farm thing. I wish that I had the fortitude to do the same.