Thursday, December 27, 2007

What to buy organic...

In these cold dark days of winter we in Northeast Ohio are forced to buy much produce at the grocery store if we do not want to subsist on beans, root crops, onions, and hydroponic lettuce! So how do we know what we should buy?

I have found the following list to be very helpful. The "dirty dozen." Those foods which we should buy organic when we can... • Apples• Bell Peppers• Celery• Cherries• Imported Grapes• Nectarines• Peaches• Pears• Potatoes• Red Raspberries• Spinach• Strawberries...

Then there are the 12 which are least likely to be contaminated. • Asparagus• Avocados• Bananas• Broccoli• Cauliflower• Corn (sweet)• Kiwi• Mangos• Onions• Papaya• Pineapples• Peas (sweet)

Here is a pocket sized pdf to carry with you when you shop.

This is a breakdown of the results of testing.

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