Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Why do I care so much about milk labeling when I have never even touched a cow? (Well maybe I did when I was kid, I don't remember.)

I think it is the beginning of a slippery slope. When big Ag starts saying what we can and cannot truthfully label our products we are in trouble. What if they decide that we cannot say we are sustainable, or natural, or plant heirlooms? They want to equalize all food, a tomato is a tomato (although tell someone comparing a Brandywine and a grocery store "normal" tomato that), milk is milk, and food is food. There are no differences and if you as a small producer say there is they will come after you.

I believe that there may come a time in my life when doing what I am doing, selling produce which is grown naturally and small scale directly to customers, will become illegal. But I will discuss that another day. For now consider taking action this milk issue, because it is a slippery slope!

I just received this email from another friend... Another good idea for action... They are hoping to push it through when people are busy with the holidays. But we can stop them... We can!

"The Organic Valley website says:

This Wednesday (that's tomorrow, Dec 19) the Ohio Dairy Labeling Advisory Committee is meeting for the last time, and the Ohio Dept of Ag could make a decision on the "labeling gag rule" as early as January 1. If we can make a successful stand in Ohio, we'll send a clear message to decision makers everywhere that citizens will not allow corporate interests to prevent us from making informed choices about the foods we eat.

In addition to contacting the Governor, and write to your local paper. You'll alert the public and let decision-makers know that you value the right to know how your food is produced."

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