Thursday, December 6, 2007

So sorry...

I am being a bad blogger! I need to try to blog almost every day, and I have been falling short. The holiday season is getting to me as it does everyone else!

So much to do, house guests 3 weekends out of 5, several "nice" meals for 10+ people, cookies to make, and more!

I did make risotto from the cookbook and it came out well (= not a gooy lump) but I was rather disappointed that for the time and attention it took it seemed to lack something... Maybe that something is homemade chicken stock, as I used Pacific Rim broth, and SO much of the stuff is chicken stock. After an hour of adding and stirring and watching and adding and stirring and watching it was looking promising, but when I finished it I could not help but think that this pan cost me $8 and it tastes rather like a box of rice mix from the grocrey store. (But at least I know what was in it - Rice(Carnaroli), butter, white wine, salt, broth, and parm cheese.)

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Tina said...

Good Luck with all of your holiday preparation! The only risotto that I have found flavorful has had a lot of garlic in it :) Of course, I am a huge garlic lover.