Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More on Milk...

The labeling of milk battle continues and 7 out of 20 people who will get to make the decision about labeling our milk have a direct interest in preventing it.

A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch said "Dairy farmers who don't use hormones in their cows want to advertise that fact on product labels. But farmers who do use the hormones to stimulate milk production say such labels imply that their products are inferior." By this argument is not almost all product labeling (not to mention advertising) wrong. And should vitamin enriched milk be permitted to be labeled? What about skim or 1% milk? What about that perky word "organic?" Does not all that imply inferiority of non-complying milk? Does a sell by date indicate older milk is inferior?

Why would they think that consumers would jump to the conclusion that hormone free milk is superior? Because people are starting to wake up. It is the same reason that they don't want GM-free foods labeled. If people are kept blind then their product is safe. Read this...

The first step to prevent the ban of a product is to remove public awareness of its use.

I am not normally an activist, and if you read my blog you will not see me having done this before BUT this is important, because Ohio is the second battle in this war, and it will be a war. And in Pennsylvania, the first battle, we lost. Ohio can set a precedent, good or bad, for other states to follow.

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Tina said...

I have gotten behind in reading your blog. Is there still time to act?