Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I should probably play the role of "knower of all" and queen of produce growing and not admit when somthing impesses me but... Carrots impress me. Beets and turnips are nice,. but carrots! Beautiful carrots with bushy tops! Every time I pull one I want to hold it up and say "Look!" In fact, picking them today was slowed by that very thing... Stopping to admire the color, length, girth, or general apperance of about every 10th carrot.

"Look at how yellow this one is!"

"Look at how long it is!"

"Look at how this one looks like two fused together at the bottom!"

Plus carrots are something you know everyone eats!

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Matt Wilson said...

I'm amazed you've gotten carrots that size. Maybe its my clay soil, but carrots I grow look more turnips and I don't pull them until December.

When did you plant those?

CSA Farmer Girl said...

These guys got put in April 24th... It's been a SLOW growing year.

When we were at our previous property we had trouble with clay soil. Not many carrots for us. Here we have better soil, but with it's own set of problems (lack of nutrients being a big one.)

Still in order to get them to grow nice and long we put them on a hill, so their roots can grow straight down without having to push through tons of compacted soil.

In a home garden try double digging your carrot bed, it is a lot of work but you will be rewareded. Variety choice is also a biggy, try the variety Kinko. They grow more conical and less long and tapered which makes them a good choice for heavy soils...