Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seeds galore...

Yesterday evening we tilled under a few of the rows that were just not growing! In their place we put in more kale, beets, turnips, green beans, lettuce, fennel, sunflowers, and carrots. In all over 3000 feet of stuff went in!
You may be asking yourself, "Isn't it late to plant?"
No! Well, not for most stuff. We are pushing our sunflowers and the fennel may have trouble bulbing if we have a cool fall, but otherwise, we should be OK. Much of the stuff we put in is under 60 days, that means it should be ready in early to mid September.

We still have at least 4 major plantings to go in! More roots crops, more beans, more lettuce, more of lots of stuff. The fall broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage crops are in the process of being started. They still have a while before they are in the field. As late as the beginning of September we will be planting radishes, lettuce, and other cool loving crops... Still plenty of time to plant. In fact enough that we are going to be turning more ground soon!

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