Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Victory Gardens?

Did you know that Burpee reported a 40% increase in sales of seeds this year? 40%!

We had a heck of a time ordering our chicks this year. Everyone we called were sold out for over a month! They all reported a huge increase in first time orders.

I suppose the actual (or perceived) increase in the cost of food is driving some of it. Some is being driven by the

In WWI and WWII home gardens were a part of the solution. Huge drives focused on people growing and preserving more of their own food. While many people today think this is impossible for them, it is often not. Most people who own homes have some spot to put a small garden or at least a few plants. Front lawns do not have to be just grass, although you may end up fighting an association. In our region there are more and more community gardens as options for people who live in apartments.

Maybe it is time for a new Victory Garden movement? Maybe it is already happening?

While it is not the whole answer by any means, anything that helps us take a small step away from dependence on oil is a step? Could your garden be part of this, your own small part of a much bigger solution?


Scott said...

I agree with you: Any small step away from Big AG, etc, is a step in the right direction.

I found Freedom Gardeners.com from the folks at . Great concept. Needs more participants.

Anonymous said...

Your post and my Smart2BeGreen newsletter singing the praises of homegrown vegetables both caught my eye today. Maybe it's a sign?

Sigh. I just wish Rocky didn't have an appetite for plants and Oliver didn't have issues with anything sharing his windowsill.