Sunday, July 20, 2008

Discussions with members...

It is always fun to be able to talk with members at pickups. It is the best part of selling at a farmers market and with a CSA is is so much better! I get to learn a little of their lives and share a bit of ours.

Today one of our members expressed surprise that we do what we do - farm and both work full time jobs. She thought that when we started our family "something would have to give!" Believe me, we know this! But we think that a farm, especially one like ours is probably the best place to raise a family, and we will be able to make it happen. Poor hubby was able to manage on his own last year when I was recuperating from surgery for a month, so I'm sure we'll be able to work it out. Not easy, but we can do it!

Another member shared their family's wonderful news! Congratulations and remember to bring photos next week!

Then there is a family that totally amazes me. I really don't know how they are even contemplating it, but they are actually starting to be car free! Today, dad and 12 year old son (I'm probably guessing wrong and don't tell Victor) showed up for pickup on bikes. They live 7 miles away, much of it hilly! Mom even commutes to work on her bike (15 miles) on days she does not take RTA. They are letting their car sit except for when it is "necessary" and when it dies they will rent when they need one... I am amazed and really have no clue how they do it!

A forth member shared his addiction of heirloom varieties from the catalogs! His wife said he starts in January and I said I understand! I think it was in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle where Kinsglover's husband asks her "Why not mark the seeds you don't want instead!" That would be a MUCH shorter list...

One more thing came up today and a member suggested that we provide a way to offer recipes from members to each other. Maybe in a bulletin board setup. I was thinking about managing this on our website or the blog and it just seems like more then I can do right now, but I was thinking maybe a Yahoo Group (email list serv) would be just the ticket! Then I could limit it members, still moderate it, but not have to constantly update it... I will try to get it set up this week. Maybe in the future we could set up a message board on our website, but I have no clue how I would even start that. Maybe there is a web designer out there who would work for food?

Anyway, thanks for all our members for sharing a little bit of your experience with us and letting us share a bit of ours with you...

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