Sunday, July 27, 2008

Killer Zucchini

I am a bad blogger! When life gets really crazy it is easy not to update as often as I should! Here is a picture of the extra zucchinni from this week... We only picked the big ones and we ended up with 44 of them! All of these from our first squash plants to produce, in a week two new kinds (a "normal" zucchini and eight ball) will be in. Soon after those will come patti pans and our yellows... So I do hope everyone likes summer sqaush!

We were joking before pickup that everyone was obligated to take two! Then you could have extras if you'ld like...
In the end it was not as bad as feared, we only had 7 of the monsters left... We are endevering to pick them smaller! But these things are growing SO FAST!

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NEOcreativegenius said...

Holy cow, those are huge! Let me know if you want my mom's zucchini bread recipe to share with the members or post on the blog.