Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 3 Wendsday's HOT harvest.

Wow was today hot... By the time I picked the lettuce it had cooled down to 88. It was 95 when we started! On days like today picking order and handeling is SO important. Pick the heartyest stuff first and work to the most delicate. Today that went beets, carrots, green onions, bok choi, then beet greens. All that stuff is then washed and bunch. 40 minutes before pickup I picked the lettuce. On a day like today I was very worried it would all wilt so I put 3 heads in a basket with a ice pack on the bottom and then pointed a fan at them. Then only 2 went out at a time. The very last thing to get picked was the sqquash blossoms. With 15 minutes untill pickup I was searching for them.

I always feel a little scared picking them because of my bee allergy. I am always worried I'l get wacked even though I have never been stung while picking even the time I grabbed a sqaush blossom with a bumble bee inside. My hand buzzed and an angry bumble bee flew out but I was not stung.

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