Thursday, July 10, 2008

NY Times Article

One of our members sent a link to this article on CSAs that appeared in the New York Times.

We dream of being 200 members, that is a lot of work and a lot of members. Last year we had 22 members. This year we are at 32. Next year we want to start the season at 50. 2010 we hope to double to 100. With a goal in 2012 (year 5 at our farm) of near 200 members.

But that is a LOT of new equipment and stuff (wash line, walk in cooler, high row cultivating tractor, ect, ect, ect...) and more then the stuff it will be a big change in our current lives. We will need to be on the farm a lot more then we currently can be, so we working through all of that and the possibilities that exist.

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