Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week three pickup.

Week three and the first of the carrots, a handful of squash blossoms, and beautiful lettuce. I have to say the carrots and lettuce are the best we have ever grown! Every year we end up with A LOT of something. Last year was the year of peppers. 2004 was the year of the eggplant and 2005 was the year of the summer squash. This year is turning into the year of the beets! Beets every week so far and usally with beet greens too! And more beets are on the way... But at least it is a veggie that you can make cake from! Really how many veggies are as verstile as a beet? Root and greens do diffrent things. Eat raw or cooked. Soup or salad . 100 uses.

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Anonymous said...

Cake from beets? Tell me more!